Nathan Mielke's ePortfolio

This is an example of what an eportfolio could look like in Wikispaces. Below are resources on how to create eportfolios on this and other Web 2.0 Applications. This is a very simple way to create an ePortfolio...there are many ways to do it.

You can make it as complex as you want, or as simple. Students can archive, reflect and write their narratives all on a wiki...or they can house their works on Scribd or Google Docs, create the portfolio its self in Wikispaces or Google Sites and reflect using Blogger or another blogging site. Its up to you. Students know technology, maybe let them take a shot at setting up a procedure for creating an ePortfolio. Below is a link to Jeff Utecht's PDF on blogs as portfolios

Use ePortfolios to give your students a medium to tell their educational story. Dr. Helen Barrett, a leader in the ePortfolio movement writes in this article how important it is to allow students to showcase their "voice" in an ePortfolio in order to make it relevant to their life.

Perhaps Voice could be based around one of the themes of the book Drive by Daniel Pink - "What's your sentence?"

Why Portfolios?